Suggestions For Use

CALORAD® is a “Healthy Food Component”

Suggestions for use:

  1. Take a tablespoon of Calorad® with eight ounces of water right at sleep time, just before hitting the pillow and closing your eyes. Not that you stay up, read, TV, etc.
  2. You should have an empty stomach, which means no solid food for at least three hours before taking Calorad®. No liquids for at least two hours prior to bedtime except for water that can be taken anytime.
  3. If you have eaten late and do not wish to stay up the minimum three hours, it is suggested that you take Calorad® on the next morning when waking up and not eat for at least 30-45 minutes after taking it.
  4. The reason for the empty stomach is to help insure that Calorad® go as efficiently as possible into the bloodstream as opposed to going through the intestinal system, thereby not getting the best benefit, i.e. “good assimilation.”

While there are no medical contraindications with taking Calorad®, here are a couple of points that will be beneficial for you to know:

  1. If there should be a yeast condition in the body, sometimes it can minimize the beneficial result of Calorad®. It should be cared for (Agrisept® could help).
  2. It is very important that water be taken in. It would be a good goal to make sure that a minimum of 8 glasses of water be taken a day. This is important whether or not Calorad® is being used.
  3. A person having a thyroid condition should be aware of it. If not on medication, in order to realize the intended benefits of Calorad® it might be best to consult a doctor and to determine as to whether they should be on a medication for it or not.
  4. The bowels should be clean to ensure good assimilation of any nutrition that one takes. Sometimes a good colon cleanse is in order.
  5. The intake of excessive amounts of carbohydrates can minimize the benefit of Calorad. ®
  6. Be fully committed to the program for at least 3-6 months and “try your best” to live a balanced life and make sure to weigh and measure yourself at the start!
  7. AM Calorad is fundamentally the same as regular Calorad except it has an appetite suppressant that was desiged to help control appetite during the day. It can be taken first thing in the morning and or during the day.

If you have questions feel free to contact:

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